100% Live Classes for as low as Rs. 20.00 per hour

As the classes are 100% Live Sessions, you do not need to search for other sources in case you have doubts. Your doubts are discussed and clarified in the live class sessions.

My pricing model allows for students of all backgrounds to learn. If you join in as a group, you can study for Rs. 20.00 per hour (or even less).

Get Prepared for the Real World

At Sids Classes.com,  you not only get a learning experience, but you also get an experience of the real world work environment.

We have Mock Interviews, Code Marathons, Webinars, Project Work that help you get a feel of the real world work environments.

And all of these extra-activities are for FREE. Students enrolled within a year are allowed free participation entries.


Learning has no boundaries. Start on a journey of knowledge and discovery as you engage in a diverse range of online classes.


Empower yourself with the tools and expertise to build a solid foundation for your future success with my comprehensive courses.


Unleash your creativity and transform your ideas into reality with my innovative online classes that inspire you to bring your visions to life.

Why Study at Sid’s Classes

Affordable Pricing

If I charge ₹ 100.00 per hour for my time on training in a subject, that is the only amount the batch for this subject will pay. So if you are studying in a group, the fee will be split up amongst all in the group. Every course page has been provided with a breakup.

Sid’s Classes will NEVER have any course fee. All amounts mentioned on the website are Tutor’s per hour charges for their time.

100% Live Sessions

All classes are conducted live. No video or audio recordings. This helps the students to put forth their difficulties in understanding the topic. And at the same time, it also helps in understanding the student – which helps the trainer in finding better examples and approach to clarify the doubts of students at the individual level.


One-to-One / Group Classes

You choose if you want to study in a group or on a one on one session based class. The Group Classes will be less expensive as the fee is shared by all students in the class. However, if you need more individual attention, opt in for One-to-One Classes.

Coding Exercises

Every fortnight, students are given an assignment and each one chooses what code she/he will write. Then they present the work in an interactive class where the Trainer provides them feedback as they solve the problem interactively.

Sid - Trainer at Sidsclasses.com

What Do I Do

Hi! I am Sid. I have been a computer instructor, software developer, website developer, website consultant working since 1994.

Computer Training has been my passion and during the past few decades, I have trained freshers, professionals and many other students.

Extra Activities

The Extra Activities provided on the website are intended to act as improvement agents for my students. Any willing student can opt in for participation in any or all of the Extra Activities.

The students of Sids Classes will have FREE access to these Extra Activities. Non-students can also join but they would have to pay a nominal joining fee as required.


  • Workshops
  • Quizzes
  • Code Marathon
  • Guest Lectures
  • Mock Interviews
  • Webinars
Extra Activities Online Learning at SidsClasses


Learn HTML and CSS SidsClasses.com


72 Hours of Study

2 Projects

Learn Basic JavaScript at Sidsclasses.com

Basic JavaScript

48 Hours of Study

2 Projects

Learn Core Python at Sidsclasses.com

Core Python

50 Hours of Study

2 Projects

Learn Basic C Programming at Sidsclasses.com

Basic C Programming

48 Hours of Study

1 Project


The mission of Sid’s Classes is to provide individuals with accessible and affordable computer learning opportunities. Sid’s Classes will provide high-quality computer education which will be easily accessible and affordable.


I envision a future where anyone, regardless of their constraints (financial, geographical location or otherwise), can access computer learning resources. My  aim is to empower individuals (students, professionals, housewives, retired people or anyone) with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly digital society.