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Fee Details

Rs. 1440.00

(per student)

5 Students in Group

Rs. 1800.00

(per student)

4 Students in Group

Rs. 2400.00

(per student)

3 Students in Group

Rs. 3600.00

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2 Students in Group

Rs. 7200.00

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One-to-One Classes

Features of Core Python Course

100% Live Sessions

All classes are conducted live. No video or audio recordings. This helps the students to put forth their difficulties in understanding the topic.

Beginner Friendly

The Core Python Course is primarily designed for beginners, students and professionals with varying levels of experience.

The Course Syllabus is based on the CBSE Board curriculum for Python.

Project Work

There are two projects for the Basic Python Course. The students will be writing codes for the project and then they will be required to present the project to the class.

The Presentation Sessions forCore Python Course will be conducted for free on Weekends.

Exhaustive Curriculum

The Core Python Course will cover the syllabus of CBSE Board of India. The course will be exhaustive and would include theory sessions as well as coding sessions.

In case there are any topics that are not included (this might happen because the syllabus is dependent on the board you are studying with), I will ensure to cover them as a part of this course.

I am working on the Course Content for this page and it will be available soon.

The course will be based on CBSE board Python Syllabus for Classes XI and XII.